Friday, October 1, 2010

Things That Never Happened

Some dreams I've had

-- One night, my brain clearly thought I was on a bad acid trip. I remember seeing a rapid succession of small 'scenes' where something trippy happened for a few seconds, then I fast-forwarded to the next whacked out scene. One such scene that I remember clearly was walking out into a field. In this field, every single individual blade of grass was a different color, a different NEON color. Whether it be Neon Yellow, Purple, Green, Blue, Pink, whatever, I was surrounded by millions of different colors.

I yelled "Hey! Damn! Someone turn off all the colors!"

The moment I yelled that, each single blade of grass not only didn't turn the color off, but instead started rapidly flashing every other color that it already wasn't. The sight was very seizure-inducing.

I yelled "Hey! What the hell! That's the exact opposite of turning the color off!"

-- Recently, I had a friend from tech school that I stayed in touch with have to change bases and she was sent from Missouri to Germany. What a change! Since then, she's losing her mind and hoping that I could go up to visit her because she needs to see a friendly face. In Germany. Ya, thats easier said than done. But anyways...

One night, I dreamt that she wasn't sent to Germany. No, instead, she was sent to SPACE. Thats right! She was stationed at Space USAFB, Space.

"Doug! Hey, I wanna see someone I know! You should come here! ...To Space! Hey trust me the view is great. Its different tho, I mean its like 100% military and I miss gravity. You should definitely come here. C'mon, just get in your car and come on up, it'll be great!"

-- I should play WoW less...

One night, I dreamt that one of my guild members came to my work office, in real life. His character is an Elf Druid named Neocronus. But in real life, he actually wasn't a human at all, but was instead a 9 foot tall Tauren. And he wouldn't behave, either. He was running around the office randomly punching people on the shoulder, then he'd giggle and stomp his way over to the next victim. "Neo! What the hell man! Go back to Stormwind! Stop punching my co-workers!"

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