Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Fifth!.... Wait, sh*t

At the risk of sounding sacrilegious, I bet God wakes up some days and say "You know what? You suck Doug. I'm about to magic your day to be all kinds of jacked! POW!"

Short story shorter, I had to run 6k at 0630. 5.9k of which I spent clenching and trying to resist a situation created by intense but short-term runner-rhea, causing me to get beaten by my female officer leaders who usually finish 3-4 minutes AFTER me. Then upon getting to the office, after having run 6k no matter the conditions, I sat in an hour long meeting using my full mental faculties attempting to NOT pass the hell out. Faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaakkkk

Why was God sippin on all this hater-ade? Prolly cuz I went to the casino on Monday ^_^

Thats right! Sigma patriarch and old school gangsta, Gabe, was in town with some of his students and a bunch of us decided to gather up and try our luck at the Riverwind. I didn't play much, I mostly observed, BUT I DID play Blackjack for the first time.

It was intense. I knew the basic rules, but didn't know a damn thing for strategy, insofar as how I should act based on my card AND the dealer's card, the perfect time to double down, what insurance is, blah blah. Also I had some of my attention to both lol at Derek putting the moves on one of Gabe's girl students, and trying to keep my head on a swivel so I could dodge being seen by a cocktail waitress that works there that I had a bad experience with once (but that's another blog entirely =) ).

At the end of it all, I started with $40, and quit with $70! BAM! I tossed the dealer a $5 chip on a split second ahwhatdoicare thought, and peaced out from the table.

Lastly a quote from Topher, a dealer at a different Casino:

"Yea, Riverwind MIGHT have Craps, but you don't want to play it. No casino in Oklahoma has Craps with dice, its all with cards. It's in the law somewhere, it can only be cards. So we don't have real Craps, we have crappy Craps...... we have Shits"

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