Friday, July 9, 2010


So today I started the day off right. With a 5k run! What!

Normally running that far first thing on a Friday aint so bad. But this time it was. Why? Cuz my roommate was up til like 12:40 ish either running the shower or talking on the phone. Why the devil must I have a roommate thats so dirty and popular??....... And are those two things related??

Nevermind that I had two Mountain Dews and took a nap earlier that evening so I couldn't sleep anyway. If that business kept up, I'd of hate to beat up my roommate.

"But Doug! Your roommate is black. Wouldn't that be a hate crime? Hahaha"

Of course it would be! I HATE being kept up that late! It's annoying!

"......Doug I don't think 'hate crime' means what you think it means"

Aaaaaanyways I had no REAL trouble with this 5k run. Mostly cuz I've been working my ass off, literally, trying to prepare for my PT test that I took yesterday. I've been doin way lots of extra running and weightlifting for the last 3 months, and I've been eating like a rabbit the last two weeks. And after all that hard work, difficult eating, vitamin taking, and preemptive bowel evacuation, I did my PT and PASSED THAT FREAKER.

So now that that's happened, this weekend is dedicated to pizza, beer, sitting on my ass, and getting ready to be fat again! Hooray ^_^

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