Monday, July 19, 2010

I can see my house from here...

So last night, I had an amazing dream. I was flying! Doesn't sound so great, but once you're actually doing it its an amazing feeling :)

I just spent the whole night zipping around the state of Oklahoma like I was Superman. Just flying everywhere, fast as a jet. One of the things I would have to do is if I wanted to go faster, I would just tense up my legs and I guess that gave me more umph. As the night went on, my legs started to get more and more tired, in the dream, and I would just have to tense up harder to get the same effect. But eventually it all ended and I woke up.

And when I woke up, I couldn't move. Because from 6+ hours of keeping my legs tensed up, they were all sweaty and wore the hell out. Right about the time my alarm went off at 0600, and I had to get up for PT. Today we had to run sprints


So I went out there and met with the squadron, and we started running

"*pant* *pant* Ah meh gaw! Oh lawd! Oh jezzuz hep meh! Hemah! Hemah! I can't go on guys, just lemme alone!"

"Doug, you're an idiot, you've only done half a lap so far"

"I can't! I! blaaarrggg"

"....did you just say 'Blarg'?"

I was on a date last night =)

No details about this girl just yet, but one thing to share is that she really likes the band All American Rejects.

Me: Really? Have I told you about the time that I accidentally started the band AAR?


Me: Haha well its like this... (tells the story)

Her: Holy crap! Is that true?

Me: Ha, yea it sure is. I promise you.

Her: I don't believe it, I feel like I'm here with a rock star =)

Me: Ha, I know! Sometimes I wish I could've stuck with it. Think about it, right now I could in a rock band, on a tour bus surrounded by....

Her: /glare

Me: .......uh, sound equipment, merch, guitar techs...

Her: Uh huh. COUCH!!

Me: Aww

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