Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Give 'er the ole stinkeye

While sitting around and watching Deep Impact on TNT.

T's Mom: Man, an asteroid coming to destroy earth. What would you guys do if you knew that was gonna happen?

Derek: I know what I'd do. I'd run up my credit card. BIGTIME.

T's Mom: /facepalm

Me: I'd run around nonstop. NAKED. I wouldn't even give a good gawdam!


Me: Wait... WAIT. Damn, nvm. The president would declare martial law, and I'm in the military. So I'd almost certainly be ordered to run around and arbitrarily shoot people in the face.

Derek: You're an accountant. You don't know how to use a gun.

Me: I would start by shooting Derek.

Derek: Hello Mr. Recruiter man, I would like to join the United States Air Force, to spite Doug.

Me: Aw dammit

(movie shows an old, rough guy standing on a beach, looking toward the sky in waiting)

Topher: See, THAT'S what I'd do. I'd stand on a cliff and start staring that fucker down.

All of us: ^_^

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